The 'Elephant Love' pattern is found in my 'Pipsqueaks' book. This little nest is a cosy accessory for felt elephants (or other pipsqueaked sized creatures).
  • Felt Colour 1 – 24cm x 14cm (10’’ x 6’’)
  • Felt Colour 2 –  2cm x 2cm (1’’ x 1’’)
  • 6-stranded thread to match 
  • Nest Pattern PDF

  • Embroidery scissors (to cut out heart felt pattern pieces)
  • Sewing scissors (to cut out nest side and base pattern pieces)
  • Needle & pins


  • Cut out Nest Side (x1) with Felt Colour 1.
  • Cut out Nest Base (x2) with Felt Colour 1.
  • Cut out Nest Hear (x1) with Felt Colour 2.

  • Using an appliqué stitch, sew heart to the middle of the lower half of Nest Side (as pictured). 
  • Use 1 strand of thread. 
  • Knot off.

  • Fold Nest Side in half, lengthways. 
  • Pin edges A of Nest Side together, making sure the heart is on the inner circle side. 
  • Use 2 strands of thread. 
  • Blanket stitch edges A together. Knot off.

  • Pin Nest Side to both Nest Bases (keep bases perfectly together).
  • Blanket stitch Nest to both Nest Bases. 
  • Knot off.


  • Turn inside out.

Pattern PDF

One of my Pipsqueaks projects is featured in the February edition of UK magazine, Sewing World. 

Sewing World Magazine - Feb 2016 Edition - with featured project

Pipsqueaks by Sally Dixon - whole book - all projects
This particular project teaches you how to make tiny Blushing Bunny & Kitty families. 
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